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Synergy Construction Services

Pre-Construction Consulting
Synergy Construction will assist with many facets of the pre-construction phase of a project. As a general contractor, our standard role in these services is to provide our expertise and experience to assist you in acquiring permits or consulting with an architect to whom we refer you or work with one you have already chosen. This allows a smooth and timely start to your project along with ensuring feasibility of the project. As a general contractor, we have experience working with many local authorities in planning and development. We also have experience working with architects to ensure cost feasibility.

Design Build
Synergy can provide certain elements of design with your architect or with existing plans. We have a strong corral of subcontractors and engineering firms who will assist through certain design build elements of the project. This may include such elements of the project as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and many other facets. Sometimes, utilizing a general contractor's resources to perform certain design build functions can substantially reduce architectural costs.

Cost Estimation
Generally, after the initial planning stages of the project and after pre-construction consulting, it is time to move on to accurate cost estimation. Synergy has a wide background in cost estimation and can provide detailed and accurate costing of your plan. We can provide a fairly precise and accurate detail of the costs involved with your project within a given scope of work. The more detail provided will allow the estimate to be more accurate. Our focus is on giving you an accurate picture incorporating all costs, without holes, and minimizing changes in costs down the road.

Value Engineering
After estimation, we will work with all of the parties involved to ensure that maximum value is reached in construction. Often times, specific items can be modified which allows for dramatic reductions in cost, but without compromising the integrity of the project. Synergy has worked with many organizations who have found our value engineering services can make projects happen that might not have without those services. Minor changes in certain elements of the construction sometimes make a large difference in the final costs of the project.

Once in the construction process, Synergy will work with all of the parties consistently through the entire process to make sure you are happy with the final product for years to come. We will work within your budget, and maintain a high standard of quality. Our project managers and superintendents are well briefed in all of the latest technologies used in construction. We maintain a strong apprenticeship program, a corral of well qualified sub-contractors, and a high standard of quality in our carpenters to ensure only the highest quality finished product.

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